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ClickAcademy Asia started out by providing ad-hoc public and corporate training in the areas of digital marketing, media and advertising, leadership skills, professional soft skills, and IT in South-East Asia. Recognising Asia’s rise and growing power in recent times, ClickAcademy Asia was established in 2011 in Singapore to serve the Asia-Pacific region.


ClickAcademy Asia works with professional associations and bodies, and world class content providers, to inspire Asia’s professional talents to continuously upgrade their skills and connect with industry veterans and passionate experts who can share their experience and skills in the industry.


The academy specialises in digital marketing training covering all spectrum of the new media marketing, media and advertising training, marketing and sales courses, leadership and management skills training and communication courses. The academy conducts public courses ranging from evening workshops and day courses, to boot camps lasting a couple of days and also, longer certification courses. The courses can also be customised for a specific company needs and be conducted in-house.

ClickAcademy is powered by ClickInsights, which is our research and events arm. This gives us the added advantage of always having the latest data and updates for our content that is delivered to our very discerning clientele.

ClickAcademy Asia training covers Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong. The academy has conducted digital marketing workshops for participants from over 30 countries worldwide. To date, ClickAcademy Asia has trained over 20,000 PMEBs (professional, managers, executives and businessmen) and 6,000+ local and global companies (including NGOs and Government agencies).


The differentiator for CAA courses are:


Course content is developed from CAA research and events arm, ClickInsights (CI). CI conducts independent research on the different digital marketing areas. Above that, CI is often commissioned by technology vendors, Adobe, IBM, Oracle

and many others, to conduct industry specific research.


Trainers are also practitioners where they are able to share real-life case studies. They are independent and able to give well-rounded advice to your problems during class.


Life-long learning; We pride ourselves as a lifelong academy where you can continue to discover the latest trends and best practices through our resources page.

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