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Thursday, 21 January

Advanced Social Media Marketing (SG)
A 2-day workshop that teaches you how to use social platforms to help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales.
  • 21 Jan
    22 Jan
  • 21 Jan - 22 Jan


Monday, 25 January

Google Ads Official Certification (SG)
A 2-day workshop that teaches you the fundamentals of campaign creation and optimization strategies for Google advertising platforms (Search, Display, Youtube).
  • 25 Jan
    26 Jan
  • 25 Jan - 26 Jan


Monday, 1 February

Google Analytics Certification (SG)
A 2-day official Google Analytics workshop is a comprehensive web analytics course that covers topics from basic setup and configuration, to advanced tracking features.
  • 01 Feb
    02 Feb
  • 01 Feb - 02 Feb


Monday, 22 February

Social Media & Influencer Marketing (SG)
A 2-day workshop that introduces you to the power of Social Media & Influencer Marketing, with real-life international and local case studies.
  • 22 Feb
    23 Feb
  • 22 Feb - 23 Feb