Keep an eye on the future with our competency-based training.

Tuesday, 10 November

Containerization Deployment Using Docker (SG)
A 2-day workshop that introduces you to all the main concepts of Docker and focuses on getting you up and running with the tool in all the lab sections.
  • 10 Nov
    11 Nov
  • 10 Nov - 11 Nov


Tuesday, 17 November

Containerization Deployment using Kubernetes (SG)
A 2-day workshop that covers all of the domains of Kubernetes, including application lifecycle management, installation, configuration and validation, networking, scheduling, security, cluster maintenance, core concepts, storage, and troubleshooting.
  • 17 Nov
    18 Nov
  • 17 Nov - 18 Nov


Tuesday, 24 November

Site Reliability Engineering Process & Management (SG)
A 2-day workshop that allows you to have a good understanding of the foundation, principles, and practices of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering upon completion.
  • 24 Nov
    25 Nov
  • 24 Nov - 25 Nov


Monday, 7 December

C|BP The Certified Blockchain Professional (5-day training)
A 5-day training and certification program for full stack developers equipped with the basic understanding of programming languages and technical knowledge to deep dive into blockchain development, strategy and implementation.
  • 07 Dec
    11 Dec
  • 07 Dec - 11 Dec