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Yvonne Wu

Yvonne Wu

Senior Trainer

Yvonne Wu is and an accomplished consultant and a highly effective trainer/facilitator conducting Sales, Wealth, Estate Planning, Customer Service and Communication Skills training programs.

Yvonne has more than 15 years of experience in the Life insurance industry including life underwriting and project management in digital journey in insurance applications. She is passionate in helping people to achieve their life goals through financial planning to protect themselves and their loved ones. She was one of the Achievers to be invited to join the company’s incentive overseas trip.

She led a team in Underwriting Automation and launched the industry’s first fully mobile and secure digital underwriter, providing instant approval for insurance application. She has held leadership roles and successfully implemented operational efficiencies.

Yvonne is constantly in the forefront to anticipate changes to meet sales challenges. She applies current methodologies of learning in the training programs that she conducts. Her ability to lead and train has been demonstrated from her coaching and mentoring of new salespeople on a regular basis.