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Shankar Gunalan

Shankar Gunalan

Senior Trainer

Shankar is an accomplished speaker, consultant and a highly effective trainer and facilitator conducting communication, sales as well as leadership training. He has motivated many individuals to grow in their personal and professional journey.

From his sales career and training expertise, he has developed comprehensive and effective approach to communication, sales and Leadership. His expertise as a trainer and speaker have enabled him to deliver trainings in Sales Negotiations, Goal setting workshops and Financial planning presentations for numerous companies

His ability to lead and train has been demonstrated from his coaching and mentoring of new salespeople on a regular basis, Shankar is actively involved in training and speaking about meeting changes and life’s challenges to participants across all walks of life.

Endowed with the gift of teaching and passionate about his calling, he has both experience and knowledge to empower others to make a real difference in their lives. He has received the National Youth Achievement Award Singapore.