Our Vision is to nurture every Asian professionals and executives to be the best in their craft by creating a premier knowledge community in Asia where professional skills and ideas can be exchanged in an inspiring, experiential and safe environment.


To inspire Asia's professional talents and earn their enthusiasm to continuously learn, enhance and upgrade their professional skills.

To be the preferred destination for experienced Asian professionals to share their passion and knowledge and train others.

To be the most admired knowledge community in Asia where Asian professionals can discover breakthrough skills to boost and sharpen their craft.

To champion Asia in professional and executive development.


ClickAcademy Asia started out by providing ad-hoc public and corporate training in the areas of digital marketing, media and advertising, leadership skills, professional soft skills and IT in South-East Asia. Recognizing Asia's rise and growing power in recent times, ClickAcademy Asia was established in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to provide Asia's professional talents a professional community and learning platform to continously upgrade and sharpen their skills.

ClickAcademy Asia works with professional associations and bodies, and world class content providers, to inspire Asia's professional talents to continuosly upgrade their skills and connect with industry veterans and passionate experts who can share their experience and skills in the industry.

The academy specializes in digital marketing training covering all spectrum of the new media marketing, media and advertising training, marketing and sales courses, leadership and management skills training and communication courses. The academy conducts public courses ranging from evening workshops and day courses, to bootcamps lasting a couple of days. The courses can also be customized for a specific company needs and be conducted in-house.

ClickAcademy Asia is a leading practitioners’ digital marketing academy powered by Econsultancy of London, UK , the world leading digital marketing best practice community and publisher with 250,000+ members. The academy is also a Google Partners Academy in both Singapore and Malaysia.

ClickAcademy Asia training covers Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Australia and Hong Kong. The academy has conducted digital marketing workshops for participants from over 30 countries worldwide. To-date, ClickAcademy Asia has trained over 6,500 PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives and businessmen) and 600+ local and global companies (including NGOs and Government agencies)

In addition to nurturing Asia's professional talents, ClickAcademy Asia also believes in promoting Asia's experts and industry veterans who can passionately share knowledge and experience in their specific areas.

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